Two options for
constructing the Mini-Maximiser
on Dick Smith board H-5614

"hey Mum, look what I built you and Dad for Christmas:
an air conditioner that runs for nothing during a power blackout"

The Mini-Maximiser construction article requires a printed circuit board that is difficult to obtain, and quite difficult to work with due to its compact size. A more user-friendly alternative is to use "Veroboard" style layout. Below are two options of this style: option 1 is a reprint of the the diagram from Soft Technology No.43; option 2 is using parts currently available (October 2000) at Dick Smith Electronics. Very similar boards and components are almost certainly available at Jaycar, Tandy, Altronics, Oatley Electronics, etc.

Beginners please note that the copper tracks are shown shaded because they are underneath(!): and both diagrams are views from above - i.e. the side on which the components are mounted

Option1 - single 3300 uF capacitor

Option2 - pair of 470 uF capacitors, improved MOSFET

Parts List (option 2)
Qty Description DSE part number
1 Power FET SSP60N06 Z1853
1 BY229 (SF52 preferred if avail.) Z3241
1 LM311N comparator IC Z6048
1 6.2V 400mW zener diode Z3543
1 15V 400mW (or 1W) zener diode Z3547
1 1N4148 diode Z3120
3 3K3 1/4W metal film resistors R0586
1 1K5 1/4W metal film resistor R0578
1 100K 1/4W metal film resistor R1124
1 2K vertical trimpot R1937
1 0.1 uF monolithic ceramic capacitor 50V R2001
1 100 pF ceramic capacitor 50V Z2285
2 2way PCB mount terminal block P4818
2 470 uF 63V RT electrolytic capacitors R4165
1 Circuit board "Vero" style H5614
. . .
(for a 24V version these extra components are required)
1 15V 1W zener diode Z3547
2 470R 1W resistors R1466
1 12K 1/4W resistor R1100

The cost of these components is presently under AUD$25

Mini-Maximiser Construction Article

Use the Mini-Maximiser to run your own air conditioner

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